The Central England Academy Trust (CEAT) was originally called Oak Wood Schools Academy Trust. The reason for this particular name change was that it was felt that the trust would benefit from an identity that was different from the schools within the trust. It was felt by the trust that a name change would encourage expansion especially from interested schools who wished to join the trust on an equal footing and maintain their name and identity.

CEAT is outward looking and has a proven record and commitment to constantly raise standards through:

  • Setting a clear and shared vision
  • Embedding a strong core values philosophy (Collaboration, Equality, Achievement and Trust)
  • Working collaboratively with schools, colleges, businesses and organisations within local communities
  • Retaining and developing individual school identities and strengths
  • Putting high quality teaching and learning at the centre of everything we do
  • Establishing a range of strategies and support systems to care for the wellbeing, welfare and mental health of children and adults within and associated with the trust
  • Upskilling the workforce to take account of the constant changing educational landscape through developing resilience, entrepreneurialism/innovation and flexibility
  • Providing staff with the necessary learning toolkits to meet the increasing and changing learning needs of pupils including those with a range of SENDs
  • Listening and actively engaging with stakeholders and incorporating views and opinions into future planning
  • Raising educational standards through providing an aspirational curriculum (KS 1 – 5), developing vocational opportunities and preparing pupils with the knowledge and skills they will need for adulthood
  • Developing robust staff recruitment procedures

Governance Structure:

Central England Academy Trust (CEAT) is a multi-academy trust (MAT) and, as such, a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity – which means it is regulated by the Secretary of State for Education rather than by the Charity Commission. The MAT is registered as a company (company number 08425914) under the Companies Act 2006 and has to comply with relevant law.

Currently the MAT consists of : Oak Wood Primary School, Oak Wood Secondary School, Higham Lane and Jade Unit.

Oak Wood Primary School

Headteacher: Neil Wilson
Facebook: @oakwoodprimaryschool
Telephone: 02476 740 901

Oak Wood Secondary School

Headteacher: Suzanne Whiston
Facebook: @OakwoodSecondarySchool
Telephone: 02476 740 901

Higham Lane School

Headteacher: Michael Gannon Headteacher
Facebook: @HighamLaneSchool
Twitter: @HighamLane
Instagram: @highamlaneschool
Telephone: 024 7638 8123 or 024 7675 7000

Governance structure:

We now have three layers of governance as below:

  • Members
  • Trustees
  • Governor

Chair of Trustees – Carole Davies

CEO/Principal – George Smith

CFO – Ben Elliott

Collectively, the governance structure is known as the Governing Board and all are generically known as governors. Parents, staff and members of the local and wider community are represented on the Board.

All governors give their time and energy voluntarily to ensure the academy:

  • Is providing its pupils with the best possible education, care and guidance to prepare them for their future lives
  • Is meeting its values
  • Has a clear strategy for future development
  • Is financially viable
  • Maintains an effective partnership with all stakeholders, especially parents and staff

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